What is it? 

Awana stands for Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed which is found in 2 Timothy 2:15. Awana is a fun place for kidsto learn God’s word through games, contests, awards and special events. Awana is open to all children age 3 - 5th grade regardless of church membership. Awana clubs meet on Wednesdays evenings when school is in session.


What happens each night? 

Each Wednesday evening from 6:30 - 7:45 clubbers begin together in large group time to sing, here a Bible story and receive awards for their workbook achievements. After large group time clubbers go to their age-graded small group for workbook time with their leader. Here they will have time to memorize and say their verses. Finally clubbers go to game time where they compete in fun andchallenging games with their teams.


What are the workbooks for?

The workbooks are where the clubbers memorize Bible verses and understand how to apply God’s word in their life. Awards are given as they complete sections and memorize their verses. Workbooks are taken home each week for further review and must be brought each week to club.


What are the uniforms for? 

The uniforms are where clubbers can proudly display their pins and patches they earn during the year for completing their book sections, team competitions and behavior awards. Uniforms are taken home each week and may be washed. Clubbers should where their uniform each week at club.


How do I drop-off and pick-up my child each week? 

Once the enrollment/release form has been completed your child may be dropped of at the front doors at Wallisville Rd under the covered drive. For the safety of all our kids, a parent/guardian must come inside the front doors to pick up their child.


What does it cost?

The cost is $20/student for the year which includes the Awana workbook and uniform for the awards they receive throughout the year. Lost books or uniforms can be purchased for $10 each if necessary. Please let a club leader know if you need an application for assistance with the cost of Awana.


How can I help my child succeed?

· Ensure regular on-time attendance

· Make sure your child comes with their uniform and workbook each week

· Encourage your child to pass at least one section per week

· Remind your child to work in their books during the week

· Praise them frequently for their achievements at Awana